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Georgia - Birthplace of Wine

8,000 years old Qvevri* wine-making tradition 


Tsinandali - £14.00

This light straw coloured dry white wine has distinctive citrus and freshly roasted tobacco notes, harmoniously interwoven with the aroma of tropical fruits.


Recommended together with salads, cheese, dishes from poultry and fish.


Kisi (Qvevri* white)- £16.00

This dry white Qvevri* wine - Kisi is unique from other white wines from its breed aromas and fruit flavours like ripe apple, peach and pear.


Best with the steak, lamb and barbecue.

khikhvi photo.jpeg

Iberiuli Khikhvi (Qvevri* amber) - £20.00 Sold out

This dry amber wine has beautiful amber colour, a well balanced silky, mild tannic structure with aromas of white cherry, peach and ripe pears. Shumi’s Khikhvi is characterised with a prolonged lingering finish.


Best with Grilled chicken, creamy pasta dishes, salads, nuts and vegetable dishes.

khikhvi photo 2_edited_edited_edited.png

Baia's Tsitska Tsolikauri (Qvevri* amber) - £21.00 Sold out

This amber hued wine has notes of wild pear, green apple, hazelnuts and apricot. It has a medium to high acidity and light tannins on the palate with a honeycomb finish.


Best with chicken dishes, fresh water fish dishes and salads.


Saperavi - £14.00

This dark ruby red, extremely rewarding dry red wine has strongly expressed aromas of Saperavi grape, such as sour cherry, black plum and blackberry harmoniously combined with velvety long-lasting finish


Recommended together with veal, lamb, pork and cheese dishes.


Mukuzani (Oak barrels) - £15.00

This full bodied dry red wine, that has distinguished black cherry, dark chocolate, cedar and tobacco aroma with vanilla and hot spices tone. It has a strongly developed, complex bouquet and a balance, harmonious taste.


Best the the steak, lamb, barbecue and cheese dishes.


Kindzmarauli - £17.00

Naturally semi-sweet red wine has a rich almost purple hue with the unmistakable bouquet of Saperavi grape variety and has the typical Saperavi taste of ripe fruits. It’s structure is silky smooth, taste is balanced and tender on the palate.


Recommended together with vegetables of fruit salad, cheese based dishes and dark chocolate.

*Qvevri - large egg-shaped earthenware vessel, buried below the ground,

used for the fermentation, storage and ageing of traditional Georgian wine.

This winemaking tradition is the oldest known to mankind and it dates 8,000 years.

Qvevri winemaking now belongs to the Intangible Cultural Heritage list.


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