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Wine list

White wine

GRW Tsinandali

European style Georgian dry white wine made from Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane grapes. This excellent wine has a straw colour with fruity flavour and balanced taste.


GRW Kisi (Qvevri white)

This rare Qvevri wine is made methodically in the all but extinct ancient Georgian ways. Kisi grape is fermented and aged in the traditional Kvevri (Clay pot) where it remains in full contact with its skin for six months to bring this wine to perfection with dry, fruity and slightly floral aromas.


2020 VITLEN WINE’s Pirosmani

Pirosmani White is made of Rkatsiteli, an indigenous Georgian white grape. The wine opens up with bright aromas of apples, lemons, pears and quince, as well as elegant floral notes. A touch of sweetness on the palate is balanced by refreshing acidity.


ASKANA Krakhuna

Krakhuna is one of the finest grape varieties of imeretian viticulture, which creates a light and extremely joyful wine. After the fermentation wine is aged for 7 months with periodic batonnage. It has a beautiful golden, yellow colour with varietal aromas and tones of citrus fruits.


ASKANA Tsolikauri

Tsolikauri grape is one of the pearls of Western Georgian winemaking, which achieves the utmost quality levels under the climate and soil of high mountainous regions of Lechkhumi. This beautiful wine characterises by golden colour, balanced taste, light tones of honeycomb, oak and fruit.


Amber Qvevri wine

MARANI Rkatsiteli

Kvevri Rkatsiteli is a light amber colour wine made in a traditional ancient way. Nose is intense, with aromas of yellow fruits and fine herb flavours. Palate is complex and mineral, finishing on herby aromas and fresh tannins.



Handpicked Chinuri grapes were fermented on skins and seeds for six months using natural yeasts in the traditional clay vessel - Kveveri. After 6 months the wine was aged in oak barrels. Chinuri wine is rich with meadow flowers, pear and white rose aromas. Following by a long lingering finish.



Khikhvi grapes were selected from our old vineyards, and fermented for six months in the traditional clay vessel - Kvevri. After the primary fermentation the wine is pressed and transferred to French oak barrels for malolactic fermentation adnmaturation. Aromas of ripe tropical fruit, mango, pineapple and magnolia. The palate is full of flavours of lilac, followed by a long lingering finish.


BAIA’s Tsitska Tsolikauri

This light amber hued wine has notes of wild pear, green apple, hazelnuts and apricot. It has a medium acidity and light tannins on the pallet with a honeycomb finish.


BAIA’s Tsitsla Tsolikauri Krakhuna

This light amber wine has aromas of persimmon, apricot and citrus, with honeycomb and sweet spice on the mid pallet with a long finish highlighted by low to moderate tannin.



Deeply golden, full bodied rich and complex Qvevri wine, superb quality Rkatsiteli grapes and ancient wine making technique dating back 8,000 years have created a concentrated, deep yellow dry amber wine, fermented using the natural yeast found on the grape skin and macerated for 6 months in historical Georgian clay vessels - Qvevri. The resulting golden liquid was decanted and transferred by gravity into traditional small oak barrels for 6 to 8 months.



Fully ripe, hand selected and lightly crushed 100 % Mtsvane grape berries started fermentation benefiting from the activity of natural yeast found on the grape skins. The maceration lasts for 6 months, and in March naturally clarified wine is transferred with gravity to oak barrels for further maturation. This delicious wine is of glimmering golden colour, exposing layers of dried fruits. The texture is buttery dense and round accompanied by myriad of flavours of ripe quince, pear and other yellow fruits along with light touch of oak.



This amazing amber wine is made with natural fermentation, partly oak barrel aging and unfiltered bottling.


Rose wine

ASKANA Chkhaveri

Chkhaveri is an exquisitely unique and endemic ancient Georgian grape variety. Harvested in late November, it achieves the utmost quality and conditions in the high mountainous region of Adjaria. It is the only grape variety that produces naturally rose wine. It has a balanced activity with floral and tropical fruit aromas.


Red wine

GRW Saperavi

Saperavi is most commonly used grape in Georgia, cultivated in Kakhetian region. It has a dark ruby colour with forest berries taste, light roughness and unique flavour.


GRW Mukuzani

Mukuzani is European style Georgian wine made from Saperavi grape cultivated in Mukuzani micro-zone of Kakhetian region. The wine is aged in oak barrels, has a dark ruby colour is distinguished by black cherry and dark chocolate aroma with vanilla and hot spices tones.


Condoli Saperavi

Sine almost 3 centuries wines from Condoli vineyards have been the benchmark of quality, reflecting the best of Kakheti region. This full bodied and deeply coloured wine garnet reflection shows intense fruity and spicy nose, with notes of blackberry, blackcurrant, liquorice and smoke. The palate is perfectly balanced between rich sweet fruit flavours and pleasant and smooth tannins.


Saperavi Legend

Saperavi Legend is a high quality dry red table wine, made from ancient, selected Saperavi Budeshuri grape variety, cultivated in Sighnaghu district, Kakheti region, Georgia. The wine is characterised by intense, deep garnet colour, bright freshvarietal aroma with the hints of blackberries, blackcurrants and cherries.


SATRAPEZO Qvevri Saperavi

Carefully handpicked in small boxes at the end of September, lightly crushed and fermented in Qvevri on natural yeast for 6 moths, then transferred to oak barriques for cellar maturation. The whole process of wine handling and transfer was performed by gravity using no filtration.
The full bodied initial palate exhibits sweet black fruit and dried berry flavours.



Chateau Mukhrani has been crafting the finest Georgian wines since 1878.
This unique bland of Saperavi and Cabernet Sauvignon has been made by using natural fermentation, aging for 18 months in oak barrels and unfiltered bottling. It has a brilliant dark red colour, elegant bouquet of fruit tones of blackberry, blackcurrant and dark chocolate combined with sweet spices. Full bodied with fresh balance fine tannins.


VENERA’s Qvevri Saperavi

Homemade, Saperavi red wine, that embodies centuries of tradition and the purest expression of nature's bounty. Crafted with 100% natural, unfilled devotion, this wine is a ruby-hued testament to Georgia's winemaking heritage. Handpicked Saperavi grapes, nurtured by the sun and the Alazani River, yield a rich, inky elixir. Fermented with natural yeasts and aged in traditional Qvevri, it unveils a bouquet of blackberries, plums, and wildflowers, harmoniously balanced with velvety tannins and vibrant acidity.


WINEMAN Kindzmarauli

Appellation controlled red naturally semi-sweet wine “Kindzmarauli” is made from the Saperavi grape variety grown in the Kindzmarauli specific viticulture district of Kakheti. It has a dark red colour, characterised by strong bouquet and a harmonious velvety taste.


VITLEN Wine’s Khvanchkara

Khvanchkara is arguably the most iconic Georgian medium sweet red, which has gained a cult following world-wide.
This is an elegant wine with pleasant delicate sweetness on the palate, balanced by ample freshness. Charming aromas of ripe cherries, raspberries and plums are followed by distinctive notes of violets - trademark of a good Khvanchkara.


Sparkling wine

Sparkling Marani white

This sparkling wine is a blend of Mtsvane, Qisi and Tsolikauri grapes.Elegant and intense apricot and citrus blend aromas make it a close match to Italian Prosecco.


Sparkling Marani rose

Light rose petal colour wine with fine bubbles. Dominant aromas of barberry and vineyard peaches. Balanced sweetness and complex texture combines with red berry flavour and lingering finish.



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