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New Year's Karaoke

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Small family run Georgian restaurant.

We are a small family business, originally from Georgia and are very passionate about our country’s vibrant cuisine and it’s delicious wines.

Our entire menu is based on Georgia’s undoubtably the most popular dish - Kahchapuri.

Khachapuri is widely loved by Georgians and foreigners alike due to its rich cheese filling and buttery dough and is seen as such a quintessential Georgian dish that UNESCO placed it on the list of "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Georgia" in 2019, As is obvious, it is far more than just cheese bread.

We have created many different fillings for it, using only fresh local  ingredients and authentic Georgian spices, brought all the way from home.

And finally, we pair our dishes with rich, delicious and full of flavour wines from Georgia, homeland of wine.

Khachapuri (hatch-ah-poo-ree) is as fun to eat as it is to say.


Georgia - cradle of wine

To better introduce ourselves, we organise Georgian food and wine tastings on regular bases, where you will be able to taste our small, refined menu of Georgian dishes and it’s unique and vibrant wines.

You will be able to taste aromatic whites and supple reds from contemporary large producers, as well as artisan Amber wines from Qvevri.

Event for food and wine gourmets only.



"Gazing down at a just-baked Adjaruli khachapuri is like peering into the mouth of a volcano, its craggy crusts giving way to a sea of molten, sputtering cheese. As if full-fat cheese mixes weren’t indulgence enough, Georgians crown the dish with a cracked egg and a healthy hunk of butter, which get swirled in at the table. The resulting dish is the ne plus ultra of bread bowls, so gooey and irresistible that I invariably burn my mouth every time I eat it."

Benjamin Kemper

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